Evercare Hospital Chattogram                                                                                                     

Q1. Do I need to download any app to my smartphone or to my desktop for having teleconsultation?
Answer: No, you need not download or install any app for teleconsultation. It is a browserbased web application that can be accessed through a link to the site.

Q2. How can I have the teleconsultation with the doctor of your hospital?
Answer: You can access the link directly by typing the browser, or you can navigate by clicking the online consultation appointment link mentioned in our official website

Q3. How will I get to know that my appointment request is accepted?
Answer: As per your appointment request, an email and an SMS notification will be sent to you within 24 hours. If not, please call our coordinator at 10663.

Q4. What is the consultation fee for teleconsultation?
Answer: We have been offering the service at a flat rate of BDT 1000 – 1200 at this moment. Please check with our coordinator for details at 10663.

Q5. How can I pay teleconsultation fee?
Answer: you can pay online though different methods like
mobile services








Q6. How will I get to know my payment is received?
Answer: You will get an email and an SMS notification after successful payment. If not, please call our coordinator at 10663 for help.

Q7. Can I use my smartphone to do teleconsultation? And what are the minimum system requirements for having a video consultation?
Answer: Yes, you can use your smartphone for teleconsultation and following system requirements are needed to have good video consultation.
a) Any Laptop or any PC with webcam and headphones. It is preferable to join through Laptop or desktop.
b) TAB/Smart Phone
Internet browser:
a) Chrome v.55+
b) Firefox v.44+
c) Safari v.11+
If you have any difficulties to understand about the prerequisites, please call 10663 for help.

Q8. How much internet speed or bandwidth do I need to have a video consultation?
Answer: 2Mbps is the minimum requirement but for the best video consultation, we recommended 5Mbps of bandwidth. It performs the best on a WiFi-enabled network.

Q9. What if I missed to join with my consultant in the given appointment slot?
Answer: Please call at 10663 with the coordinator for rescheduling your appointment time based on the doctor’s availability. Please be informed that there is no option for a refund.

Q10. What if I joined but my consultant did not join in the session?
Answer: Please call at 10663 with the coordinator for rescheduling your appointment time based on the doctor’s availability. Session expires if the patient and doctor either of them or both don’t join during the appointment schedule. In this case coordinator can reschedule it again. A new mail and an sms will be triggered, and the doctor and patient must join by clicking on the new link in the notification.

Q11. Is it possible to get a refund?
Answer: Sorry, we cannot give you a refund. if the appointment is canceled, it can only be rescheduled in later date and time.

Q12. Is discount applicable on teleconsultation?
Answer: Sorry, right at this moment, we are not offering any discount on teleconsultation service.

Q13. When can I upload my radiology and lab investigation reports to the teleconsultation site?
Answer: We would recommend you upload your relevant investigation reports by clicking on the “Upload Reports” tab prior to starting your session. Your consultant can view the reports before starting the teleconsultation.

Q14. I have clicked on “Join Consult” tab, but nothing is happening.
Answer: Please check Popup Blocker on the right side of your browser, if the Pop Up is blocked for the site please allow this, is a one-time activity. During Video Consultation, system will access Camera and Microphones, if prompt please allow it. Make sure Pop-up Blocker is off in your browser.

Q15. I have issues with my webcam/microphone/speaker, what can I do to fix them before my teleconsultation?
Answer: In order to test the functionality of your devices, please type the following links in the browser.
a) For Webcam functionality
a. Desktop/Laptop – ;
b. Mobile Device-

b) For Microphone functionality
a. Desktop/Laptop –;
b. Mobile Device-

c) For Speaker functionality
a. Desktop/Laptop –;
b. Mobile Device-
Check the Mute/Unmute button to test the volume of the speaker if you can’t hear your doctor.

Q16. Do I need to have an email ID and a mobile number for availing the service?
Answer: Yes, you need to have a valid email ID because we will be sending your appointment information, payment notification, confirmation, teleconsultation link and prescription, etc. to your email ID. A valid mobile number is also needed for sending links with relevant notifications.
NB: Please write your mobile number correctly, say +8801713XXXXXX is your mobile number, please write the 1713XXXXXX part only because the application will automatically add the country code of Bangladesh +880 before your number.