1. Where the hospital is located?

The address of the hospital is as follows: Evercare Hospital Chattogram, Plot H1, Ananna Residential Area, CDA, Oxygen-Kuwaish Road, Postal Code:4337, Chattogram.

2. How many storied is the hospital building and what is the size of the premises in total (square feet)?

It is a sixteen storied building with a total of 492,000 sft premise space.

3. Who are the owners?

Evercare Hospital Chattogram is owned by the Evercare Group.

4. What is Evercare? Is it an International chain hospital?

The Evercare Group operates as an integrated healthcare delivery platform in emerging markets across Africa and South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya and Nigeria. The Group’s portfolio includes 29 hospitals, 16 clinics, 57 diagnostics centres and two brownfield assets. Evercare is proud to be the most diverse healthcare group in the countries it operates in with 10,350 employees working together to develop a systemic healthcare change in emerging markets.

6. What is the total capacity of the hospital and what will be the initial opening capacity?

It is a 470-bed hospital. The initial number of beds will be 150

7. How many specialties are planned to open in total? And their names.

27 departments as given below:

· Anesthesia

· Blood Bank – Transfusion Medicine

· Cardiology



· ER/Critical Care

· GI Med

· GI Surgery

· Medicine

· Oncology

· Dermatology

· Ophthalmology

· Dental

· Lab

o Biochemistry

o Clin Path

o Hematology

o Histopathology

o Microbiology

· Neurology

· Neurosurgery

· Nephrology


· Ortho

· Pediatrics Medicine

· Paediatric Surgery

· Critical care – Adult (MICU & CCU) and Neonatology (NICU)

· Plastic surgery

· Physical Medicine

· Radiology

· Respiratory Medicine

· Urology

8. How many departments will be opened at the time of launching?

We will have 27 departments.

9. How many doctors, nurses and support staff are there in the hospital?

We will be starting with about 50+ consultants, 150+ nursing and overall staff count would be 500+

10. What is the call center number / contact number of the hospital?

Call Centre & WhatsApp number: 01321-155211, Hospital Phone No.= +880241380350-61. Yet to receive the Hotline number for call center.

11. How many ICU, CCU, HDU beds will be there in the hospital and what will be their classifications?

The details are as follows:

· ICU-53

· Surgical & Neuro ICU-16

· CCU & CTICU -16

· NICU- 8

12. Do you have ambulance services?

Yes. Ambulance Number: 01313-779966

13. How many OT will be there? And is there any specialty or new technology available in the OT service?

There will be 10 OTs in the hospital.

14. What is the timing of OPD and are you open in the weekends? Which services are open in weekend?

Our OPD timing will be 9 am to 7 pm. However following services will be available 24×7

· ER

· Pharmacy

· Lab

· Radiology

15. Do you have full-fledged diagnostic centers?

Yes, we will have Lab Biochemistry + Clinical Path, Lab Hematology, Lab Histopathology, Lab Microbiology and Molecular lab facility.

16. Do you have home sample collection service?


17. Do you have COVID testing facility?

Yes, we have testing facility available

18. Is COVID test available in the hospital?


19. Do you have master health checkup, Dialysis, Endoscopy, Chemotherapy services available?

Yes, all these services will be available in the hospital.

20. What is the capacity of emergency?

10 patients at a time will be handled at the emergency.

21. What is the total parking capacity?

Basement 1 and 2 will have parking area.

22. Would there be any restaurant with the hospital?

Yes. There will be a restaurant at level 5 in the hospital building and a café shop in level 1.

23. Do you have support staff available at the entrance to support vulnerable patients?

Yes, our support staffs will be available at the entrance for patients.

24. Do you have prayer room at the hospital premises?

Yes. There will be two prayer rooms in the building. At level 5, there is a prayer room for females and at basement -1 there is a prayer room for males.

25. Do you have feeding area for infants? Location.

Yes, At OPD level 2.

26. Do you have hospital map for patient’s guidance?

Signages are available at various point for patient guidance.

27. What are the safety measures taken by the hospital to ensure patient’s safety like fire safety, emergency exit, water reserve for fire accident etc.?

We do have fire emergency exits and full fire detection and protection system along with fire water reservoir.

28. Does the hospital offer world class standard of healthcare service? How do you define that?

EHC is a 470-bed multi-disciplinary super-specialty tertiary care hospital in Chattogram, providing comprehensive health care with the latest medical, surgical, and diagnostic facilities. These services are provided by expert medical professionals, skilled nurses and technologists using state-of-the-art equipment, modern well researched protocols & processes. The sixteen-storied modern structure with 492,000 square feet floor space, was conceptualized & designed by renowned architecture company Smith Group of United States of America.